Private Doctor Appointments

Doctor Consult 30                            £75.00

Medical Record Analysis

30 Minute Medical / GP consultation

30 minutes of online or face to face consultation time to discuss any medical or health / fitness issues you wish.  

*Required for all new patients to enso health*

- General practice consultation & treatments
- Private Prescriptions ( for non controlled medications)
- Private referral letters  & advice  regarding Specialist Treatment
- Private Sickness/ Fitness certificates; Work , School, Flying. 
- Second opinion on medical conditions. 
- Occupational health advice- specific to your occupation & work environment. 
- Includes any paperwork, letters or certificates generated by the consultation. 

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Doctor Consult 20                            £60.00

Medical Record Analysis

20 Minute Medical consultation

* Available to existing or previous enso health patients & clients*

Ideal for :

- Follow up consultations including prescriptions & letters
- Assessment & treatment of uncomplicated medical issues

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Doctor Consult 60                          £145.00

Medical Record Analysis

60 Minute Health & Medical Consultation

A full hour of time to discuss any health or medical issues.

*Available for new or existing clients*

Ideal for  complex / multiple medical issues &  Holistic approaches to your health including :

-Nutrition for Weight Management,  specific health conditions or well being
-Fitness for well being and / or sports related performance
-Treatments & practices to boost immunity & longevity
- Combining conventional medical treatments with holistic practices for chronic conditions
- Create practical plans to achieve your goals by assessing all factors affecting your health such as occupation, home life , psychological factors and personal beliefs.

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Doctor Home Visit                        £165.00

Mother and Child

Private home GP visit by Dr Welikele -  30 minutes

-Home Visit to assess and treat non- emergency medical conditions.
* If you are acutely unwell or in pain , please contact 999 or NHS 111 *
-Available in the Brighton & Worthing areas. ( other areas possible given availability & subject to additional charges).
- Assessment regarding COVID 19 safety will be done prior to visit approval.  
- Inclusive of examination, bedside tests, prescriptions & referrals/ letters ( where required)

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Total Health Optimiser                   £375.00

Enjoying Outdoor

Individual & Bespoke assessment.
Includes Medical service & health Coaching

Dr. Welikele will come to your home to make a full assessment of how to optimise your health & wellbeing. 

Areas examined  ( in addition to medical review & Health Coaching):

-Environmental factors - including air quality , light and sound.
- Home working environments
- Advice on adaptation of Home or work areas to specific medical needs or healthier mobility

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