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Advanced Health Assessments

Bespoke health & well being plans 

  • Range of Advanced Health Assessments including physical & lifestyle factors and combining them with specialist Blood testing. 

Bespoke health coaching combining modern functional medicine with holistic practices to maximise your well being and prevent ill health

In my experience modern medicine and science is truly miraculous especially when it comes to treating acute and serious illness. 

But what about the true meaning of health? It's not just the absence of illness.

My aim is to help you achieve that feeling of well being & vitality so that you

can enjoy life in the way that you want. I take the approach of looking at you

as an individual in the context of your lifestyle , environment and outlook on life.

In this service I will be your guide and partner to achieve the personal

health goals you have

Areas covered include :

  • Weight Management

  • Nutrition - Optimisation of a dietary choice , specific nutrition & supplement

  • Advice for specific health conditions ( e.g.IBS, inflammatory disorders)

  • Exercise & mobility advice / training- Including posture assessments, mobility &

      strength training for daily life

  • Sport specific advice and ancillary training including rehabilitation

  •  Boosting the immune system

  • Longevity techniques and treatments

  • Chronic illness ; how to combine alternative practices with 'conventional' medicine.

       Including a variety of non pharmaceutical measures

  • Stress & mental health advice 

  • Health coaching specific to occupation

Healthy at any age

Premium Health & Wellbeing Plan


75 minute Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Highest Level Health & Well Being assessment with exclusive Blood testing & health plan
-Full Physical, Psychological and lifestyle assessment 
-Over 50 Blood ,Urine & ECG tests
-Specialist blood tests for cardiac risk
-Male & Female hormone Levels 
-2 cancer marker tests

Premium Health & Wellbeing Plan
Extended Cancer Markers


The premium assessment with

6 additional Cancer markers

& follow up telephone consultation

Active elderly man
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